Engineering-software development

We are constantly developing various in-house tools that aid us in our professional activities. We furthermore make a curated selection of these available through this website.

Soil-Vibration Tools

The Soil-Vibration tools that we develop are based on analytical as well as numerical (FEM) models, some of which make use of the national key registry of the subsurface (BRO). We currently provide the following tools: OURS, a national rail vibration prediction tool (under development); VP, a tool to predict soil vibrations originating from pile driving, sheet pile driving, and speed bumps (under development); and an undisclosed foundation-dynamics analysis tool (under development).

Mechanics tools

Mechanics Tools

Mechanics is the foundation for every engineer. Consequently, we have developed various mechanics-related tools that aid us in our daily work. We are especially proud of PROFILE, a tool for determining all possible profile properties, including torsional moment of inertia and shear center location.

Acoustics Tools

As a result of our close cooperation with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), we developed several acoustics-calculation tools. Two of these are made available: BASsist, a tool for predicting laboratory-measured acoustic properties of building elements and SoViST (download), a tool for the calculation of sound and vibration levels in steel and timber building systems.